Install Hacintosh on Proxmox VE 7.1

Why installing hacintosh on my Proxmox?

In order to integrate my airtag status in home-assistant and forwarding iMessage to my android devices.
There are quite much tutorial of installation on internet.

I learnt from: Installing macOS 12 “Monterey” on Proxmox 7 – Nicholas Sherlock (, (thanks to Nicholas) it’s pretty detailed and easy but there were still some problems I met in the progress:


  1. cannot make recovery image correctly on my centos7.
    solve: I manually executed qemu-img convert on my Proxmox environment.
  2. cannot process to opencore boot menu but boot shell instead.
    solve: untick pre-enroll keys when creating efi disk.
  3. cannot logging in Apple ID after the first configuration of macOS.
    solve: fixing iService preparation (opencorepkg). Don’t logging to before you have completely set the hacintosh by these two steps, or your account will be locked after attempt to logging to your fresh installed hacintosh.
  4. still watching for more…